This Practice Didn’t Suck

I have made no bones about how hard getting the choir together for church has been this year.  It has been like herding an army of cats with very different schedules and rhythms.  The last two weeks without our accompanist have been incredibly frustrating for me and I am pretty sure everyone else.  My conducting has been getting better, but if we are working on individual parts so much, not very useful.

Tonight I wasn’t sure it was going to go any better.  My accompanist was 20 minutes late. The two people who were on time other than myself are enthusiastic if not so much in tune singers.  I though what the hell, once our organist was there we might as well try some of the pieces in the sanctuary while we have time.  Then we added another soprano and our tenor.  We almost had a full choir. Well, we had almost all the parts.  The two latecomers were two who knew the music and even when having a bad night would be fine.

Once I was able to sing my solo and have all well almost all some the parts of the section where the rest of the choir comes in present I began to relax.  Maybe I am also ok, because despite not having all the choir there, including any of the newcomers, the ones that were there reminded me that those that will make the last rehearsals know the music well enough to sing it right now.  Things will be good, maybe even great on the day.  Hopefully I won’t need to remind myself of this next year.

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2 Responses to This Practice Didn’t Suck

  1. Marilyn says:

    It’ll be great I bet. The good thing about Christmas service is that everyone is in a great mood so that gives you a little slack. (Not that your choir needs it I’m sure.)
    .-= Marilyn´s last blog ..I Am Officially Mortified =-.

  2. Colette says:

    Wish I could have helped out! If only Church Choirs didn’t have rehearsals on Thursday nights!! (same as my choir). Otherwise I would have jumped on your earlier request for singers! =)

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