It’s a Little Bit Punny, This Feeling Inside . . .

Sometimes when I am working on a post I give it a title that is just a quick description before I give it the final title.  I sometimes really like a title but it is so totally inappropriate for the post that I need to scrap it.  Sometimes I can’t think of anything appropriate so I make up a joke title.  This has prompted this post. Here are some of is my discarded titles, and some that I would like to have had the guts to post and some that I think would make great titles if I could find the post to go with them.

First up is a title for a breastfeeding post I am writing for the blog to inspire contest.  I am writing about some of the breastfeeding difficulties and triumphs with both Quinlan and Aidan.  I am writing it so that people can understand that despite how difficult breastfeeding can be while both the baby and mother are learning it can be so fulfilling.  I didn’t think however, that even though it is a great title, this title invoked the feeling of the post.

The Breast is Yet to Come: Or How Quinlan Became a Boob Man

If I was writing a satirical look at the breastfeeding journey this might be the title.

Most of my other discarded titles are song titles or tasteless puns. For the life of me I can’t find my other titles, so this post will need to end here for now, though I think it may be one I will revisit soon.  What are your favourite titles?

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