Twitter Updates for 2009-05-23

  • Just had the Vlad in looking at the bathroom ceiling. Looks like a leak from the plumbing above. Will be a bigger job than I hoped. #sucks #
  • RT @canadianfamily: Follow @canadianfamily today to win fab prizes! RT this & you’ll be entered 2 more times #weloveourfollowersonfriday #
  • Quinlan is so frustrated at not being able to crawl. Everything is getting away from him. Then he rolls over. 😀 #
  • Listening to our wedding mix. A few things come to mind. 1.We are very cool people. 2. Aidan is a good dancer. #
  • Wedding mix 3: 50 Ways to Lose your Lover is a little ironic for a wedding + also hear *50 Ways to use a Rubber* in my head. (ah University) #
  • Also, we need baby loves disco here. Maybe an event we could do. hmm will need to think. #
  • Slip out the back Jack . . . ? #
  • Aidan to me “Why didn’t Daddy wear his tie to work?” I guess @AnthonyFloyd needs to wear once before it goes in a scrapbook. #
  • Thanks for the reassurance re this post. Even on the second you still have issues. BTW more baby puke on me now. 🙁 #
  • “We are not actually bees,” says Aidan, “we are just people pretending to be bees.” Good to know. Good to know. #
  • About to head down to bed. I hope Q is feeling better. I would like to sleep a bit tonight. #
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