Twitter Updates for 2009-05-13

  • Got the boy and baby dressed and out to vote. Yes to STV. Hope others follow suit. #bcvotes09 (If I can manage so can you!) #
  • RT @danudey: Under STV, 80-90% of voters would have an MLA they voted for, compared to 40-50% now? Want your vote to count? Yes on #bcstv! #
  • Heard it first on CBC, the baby loves its steady beat. ? #
  • Sorry had the wrong one. 🙂 ? #
  • Aidan wants to play rock band, not enough time, so here is a song just for him. ? #
  • Aidan is doing the AC/DC rock strut with wii guitar. Ruby Ruby Ruby . . . #
  • For the Vampire baby. ? #
  • I hope it comes through. Love it when it isn’t choppy. ? #
  • Good election day song . . . Sex Pistols make any day ? #
  • Aidan thinks this is “Ride the Tiger” 😀 ? #
  • because I couldn’t end on Survivor here’s New Year’s Day remix ? #
  • I can’t believe that twitter search is not working. How can I keep up with all the election rhetoric? Mainstream media? #bcvotes2009 #
  • Just as I deleted 2 search columns , twitter search magically fixes itself. 🙁 Oh well, I am sure I can get it back. #bcvotes2009 #
  • I can’t believe that people are so scared of change. We should change to something that better represents the votes of the people. #BCSTV #
  • Who would have ever thought that Moe Sahota would be the voice of reason on any political panel? Impressed. #BCvotes2009 #
  • My 2000th tweet is simple. It has been a long day, and I am tired. Off to bed I go. Goodnight. #
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