Twitter Updates for 2009-05-12

  • whatever happened to the fisher price roll-arounds? I wanted to get some like we had for Aidan & maybe get a “track” for them. #
  • Baby getting first tooth, mommy getting a cold and sore throat. Can this day get any better? #
  • I am sorry, but were we really expecting anything else? #canucks #
  • For the love of god, get rid of Tye this week!!!!! #DWTS #
  • Everyone is making time to go vote, if not for a candidate, then for the STV, right? Make sure it passes! #bcelection/referendum #
  • So, I am still undecided about tomorrow’s vote. Only1 person has actually campaigned. Maybe JM shouldn’t be so complacent in Fairview. #
  • Anyway, enough of the political talk for tonight. The baby has been waking up early, and often. #
  • Bedtime for me. (Well reading for a little while and then bed.) Computer needs to be away from me. Goodnight all. #
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