The Cutest Clutch In The World!

OMFG people, I need this beautiful computer, the HP MINI VIVIENNE TAM EDITION NOTEBOOK. Not that I don’t love my laptop, but this has got to be the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time.  Before Christmas I was looking at the small notebooks and I came across this one and I fell in love.  It is so pretty.

I know that I really don’t NEED this computer, but it would be so convenient and people would be jealous!  I am going to Northern Voice in a few weeks and I am hoping (well with a gift of 1 or 2 grand from somewhere) to go to Blogher as well.  The HP MINI VIVIENNE TAM EDITION NOTEBOOK would make it that much easier.  My laptop at home is great, but it is big and heavy.  Giles is more a stay at home computer and the very pretty (did I mention that this is a beautiful notebook?) HP will travel really well.  Good thing too since I will have the baby with me for at least one conference.  I have just the name for her too . . . Cordelia.

And I shall call her Cordelia.

Spring is starting to show up and the boys and I will be out and about much more.  I need a small notebook to come with me so I can still get work done and keep up with my Tweeps.  The almost four year old needs to be out much more and the weather is starting to cooperate.  Besides, tweeting and blogging don’t work so well on a phone.

Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  Not me!  Give me tech every time.  Nothing says “I love you” like a pretty notebook.

What do you say HP Cheer?  Do I win?  Please!?

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5 Responses to The Cutest Clutch In The World!

  1. chelle says:

    Oh my! I am an apple girl and I am lured by the cuteness.

    You can totally qualify for the pay it forward but you must post about it and do it too 🙂

    chelle’s last blog post: ugh Sick Again

  2. OMG, that is a sweet looking computer. That would be so perfect to tote around!!!

    Multi-Tasking Mommy’s last blog post: Another MTM Interview…Get to Know Me Even More!

  3. Beth says:

    I agree, I need that computer too.

    Beth’s last blog post: Made it

  4. Amber says:

    That is one beautiful computer! And I love that you have a name for her already. 😉

  5. Lynn says:

    But she already has a name… HP called her VIVIENNE!!!! hahah! just teasing. Very pretty computer indeed. 🙂

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