12 Weeks

I had my first full doctor’s appointment on Monday for this pregnancy. That is not to say that I haven’t been to the doctor for this pregnancy yet. In the beginning I went and we set up an ultrasound to check up on the baby to make sure things were ok. I also made sure to get weighed so I would have an idea about how much weight I might gain.

I always love a doctor’s appointment that starts with a take off your clothes and put on this flimsy paper gown. Just kidding, (well no not really kidding) it is not so bad but I wish they would put the heat up just a little for patients who are in the flimsy paper gown. So other than the lovely full check up, I also got to hear the baby’s heart beat. Well, it was a little fuzzy, but Dr I. found it easily and said all was great. I also only gained 1.5 pounds in the three months. Yay me!

I am feeling better and some of the early pregnancy symptoms are abating. I am no longer nauseated so often and my breasts are no longer so sore. I am however still really tired and even if the boy is not, I am napping. The only thing that I had really hoped I would not have trouble with this time was my sinuses and lungs. I am coughing constantly and I really hope that the new sinus medication will take care of the problem. I had it much later in the last pregnancy, but with spring in full force my sinuses are killing me.

There are a few things that are different this time, number one being that so far I am not having any really aversions to meat and the only thing I am really craving (well wanting) is a lot of fruit. I am also in Maternity clothes a lot earlier. I am not sure if this is because I am starting off a little bigger than last time, but since I have the clothes to go with that I don’t think so. I think it is more that I have almost no waist any more. I am also feeling a lot more tired now. I am so glad that Aidan goes down for some quiet time because without that nap I am not sure how well I would function.
I want to do a few things differently this time around as well. Mostly that means I am going to try to take some more belly comparison pictures. I have seen a lot of women’s comparison pictures wearing the same outfit and posing in the same place. Since we will be in NS for a month we will need to find a comparable place, but I am sure it will work out.

It seems like a number of bloggers that I read are also pregnant at the same time as I am if a few weeks further along. One of the blogs that I am reading is a Pregnancy Calendar by Amalah. It is interesting to see how other people are taking their second or third pregnancies. Maybe next week I will have my first belly picture.

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2 Responses to 12 Weeks

  1. chelle says:

    How exciting that you will be here for a MONTH! We totally have to hook up and play!

    I am glad some of the yucky parts are behind you. I found the second pregnancy flew by much quicker and over all I felt way better about it!

  2. charlotte says:

    It’s an epidemic. Me too. 8 weeks, with my first. I’ll be reading your blog for advice. 🙂

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