Menu Plan Monday


Merry Christmas Everyone. For those that don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy almost New Year.

Monday, Christmas Eve: The Golden Great Wall (going out or staying in for Chinese food.)

Tuesday, Christmas Day: Big Turkey dinner with friends.

Wednesday, Boxing Day: Tourtiere, and turkey leftovers. My recipe is a little different but it is essentially the same. I always add more seasoning, and no celery. You can add grated potato to keep it a little juicer. If you boil the meat the day before you can get rid of a lot of the fat by refrigerating the meat mixture. Be aware that the juices will gel.

Thursday: Leftovers and Turkey soup.

Friday: Slow-cooked Roast.

Saturday: Whatever strikes our fancy.

As always, please visit Laura at Organizing Junkie for more menu plan ideas.

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