Menu Plan Monday


I had a good week last week and kept mostly to the plan. Let us see what this week brings.

Monday: Hamburger with raw veggies

Tuesday: Homemade veggie sushi for me and the boy and frozen dinner for Anthony.

Wednesday: Slow-cooked chicken

Thursday: BBq’d steak, mashed potatoes and side vegetable

Friday: Open

Saturday: low-cooked something or other

I was taking a quick look through the links and I found another Gwen. :) I will check out her blog and see if there is anything in common other than the name.

2 comments to Menu Plan Monday

  • I am the only one in my house that loves sushi. I bought a sushi maker at a food show that really speeds up the making of sushi. Plus I can make it in all kinds of shapes including heart and triangle shaped yummies. Have a great week.

  • Your menu sounds great! I’ve been wanting to make sushi, but I can’t find a bamboo mat anywhere anymore for rolling it! Enjoy your sushi 🙂