Madeline L’Engle 1918-2007


I just found out (after a day of Radio-Silence) that Madeline L’Engle has died. I am more sad than I can say, even though I know that she has lived a long and good life.

I not only loved her time quartet, but I always really felt an affinity toward her other main female characters, especially Vicky Austin. I am sad that there is no chance for her to tell us more of her story, to quietly show us that believing in god does not preclude believing in science. I always wanted to go see Madeline L’Engle’s places; New York, Switzerland; Greece, Portugal, the eastern United States, Venesuala, Antarctica, The Falklands.

Of all the books I own, my Madeline L’Engle Collection is very tired looking and dog-eared. I have lost count of how many times I have re-read all of them. The times when I needed to read about hating my school and not getting along with anyone, I read And Both Were Young or The Time Quintet. When I needed a good cry I read A Ring of Endless Light. When I needed an adventure I read The Arm of the Starfish, or The Young Unicorns, or Dragons in the Waters. That all of her characters stories and lives were intertwined made the reading all that more pleasurable. That I re-read them still and recently bought the first 3 books of the Time Quintet narrated by Madeline L’Engle from Audible (2 days ago in fact) shows the impact they had on me as a child and still do. I am also in the middle of re-reading An Acceptable Time.

If you would like to see some of the articles about her death Gina at AmoXcali is keeping a link list.

Please keep her family in yours prayers.

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  2. Damselfly says:

    Oh my goodness! I missed this news, probably because it was Fly’s first birthday. I knew Madeleine was in poor health, but even so, it’s shocking and sad.

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