Menu Plan Monday


This week has been pretty good and I did stick to the breakfasts and lunches for the most part. This weekend was very busy  and I still didn’t get to making that damn lasagne, do I will try one more week to get it done.  On to the plan.

Monday: B. – Weetabix, tea, 1 cup 1% milk,  L. – Sushi,  S: BBq’d steak and potatoes and salad.

Tuesday: B.– Cream of Wheat, Tea, milk, fruit  L – sandwich, raw veggies S: Lasagne

Wednesday: B– Cereal, tea, milk, L– Soup, bread S – BBQ Kabobs, Basmati rice

Thursday: B – Muffins, Tea, Milk, Fruit L – Sandwich, veggies S. something on the road, maybe bbq?

Friday: in Creston?

Saturday: On the road again?

Sunday: Hopefully BBQ Chicken at home.

AS you may have guessed from the menu plan, we are planning to try to take a road trip to Creston.  We are not sure id it will actually work.  We hope so, but the sleeping in the pack n’play for Aidan and the actual length of the trip make it all a question.  WE may have to decide to turn back if the sleeping thing and car ride don’t work.  The longest Aidan has been in the car for a stretch is 4 hours.  Did I mention that he doesn’t nap in the car?  lol, I do not know what will happen.  Wish us luck.

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  1. great meal plan week!! Have a great Monday.

  2. Sandra says:

    Great menu, thanks for sharing.


    Menu Plan

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