48 Hour Book Challenge: Book 2 Down

I am finished my second book and here are the particulars. Book_Challenge.jpg

Title: Wizards at War; Book 8 in the Young Wizards Series

Author: Diane Duane

Pages: 552

Hours Read: about 6 hours

Copywrite: 2005

Publisher: Harcourt Inc.

At this point in time Kit and Nita and the crew are on a mission to save the universes. The older seniors have lost their wizardry and it is up to the young wizards to fix the problems and help two essential things to happen.

I really like Diane Duane’s writing style and the fact that she doesn’t talk down to her audience. Though this is YA fiction she has a lot of interesting ethical debates as well as intellectual ones.

So in summary, I have finished 2 books, read for approximately 13 hours (I am also listening to an audiobook at the same time) , and finished 1143 pages. I have spent about an hour blogging. Now on to the next book, as I only have until 11pm tonight.

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