48 Hour Book Challenge

 I have finished the third Book. Here are the details.  Book_Challenge.jpg

Title: Midnight for Charlie Bone

Author: Jenny Nimmo

Pages: 401

Hours Read: 1:45

Copywrite: 2002

Publisher: Scholastic  Inc.

Midnight for Charlie Bone  introduces us to the Children of the Red King for the first time.  Charlie Bone is an 11 year old boy who discovers that he is “endowed” with an unusual talent.  He can hear the imprint of what happened when a photograph was taken and this leads him to the mystery of a lost baby.  With the help of his friends and some of the other endowed children Charlie solves the mystery and becomes involved in the war between the two sides of the Children of the Red King.

Now I have read 1544 pages, a number of hours.  Time for one more. 🙂

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