Menu Plan Monday


This week was a mess, and as Sir Topham Hatt (the Fat Controller!) would say: “Gwen, you have caused confusion and delay!” Oh, the Gods, I’m going to burn in Kitchen Hell. 🙂 Well, it wasn’t that bad, but a number of meals were changed to different days and I changed my mind about the turkey meatloaf. Wow, ground turkey is expensive! This week I will try to get back on track and have geocaching weekend of meals planned. Slow cooker days, or picnics. 🙂

Monday: Roast chicken, roast potatoes + vegetable. Pasta and veggies for the boy.

Tuesday: Pizza. Sandwich meat, pasta, and cucumber for the boy.

Wednesday: Slow cooker pot roast.

Thursday: BBQ chicken, oven fries, salad.

Friday: Beef-fried rice.

Saturday: Flexible meal (slow cooked or picnic)

Sunday: Happy Mother’s Day to all moms and moms-to-be. Supper up to Anthony.

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