A Beautiful Day in Vancouver

Yesterday was a lovely day to begin with. Aidan slept a full night for the first time in two weeks. Do you know how lovely that feels? You actually feel almost euphoric. So with a full nights sleep and a group of visitors to prepare for Aidan and I cleaned up the house and then went out to get some vegetables and bread from the Granville Island Market. It was a beautiful day, sunny, crisp, a little windy. The walk down along the seawall was great and Aidan now has a new word to add to the arsenal of transportation vocabulary and “Boat!” made its appearance for quite a while.

After finding the produce I needed Aidan and I went out to the Market courtyard to eat lunch (“Susi”) and chase the birds. And chase the birds he did.

Aidan and the birds

Aidan and the birds

Aidan and scooter

Aidan and the birds

When we got home we were quite tired and Aidan had a bottle and a 2 hour nap. I was able to get the lasagne made, a salad made and I actually got a few minutes to myself to relax. About three thirty Andreanna, Nellie and her friend Lynne and 10 week old daughter were the first to come over. Aidan was excited to see the babies, but a little unsure about how close I should get to either of them. I don’t have a picture, but Aidan was very lucky to get to hold the new baby on his lap with my help. He was very happy and loved touching her tiny hands and feet. We were able to get a couple of pictures of Aidan and his cousin Nellie together. Nellie seemed to like Aidan for his baby toys and a few of them were able to go away with her. Other than wanting to show his “Train Traps” to the baby he was really gentle with both of them.

Nellie and Aidan

Aidan and Nellie



It did get a little crazy for a while as we had 7 Adults, 2 toddlers and 2 babies with Anthony, Hendrik and his new girlfriend Lisa, and Gen and Tristan coming over as well. It actually went really well having that many people in the house and at various times different babies in Aidan’s crib. By all accounts, everyone seemed to have a good time and lots of food was eaten. About 8 everyone left and I went down with Andreanna to open the garage for them . Aidan said “Bye bye Mommy,” and i left amoung the chaos. When I came back up about 10 minutes later, Anthony told me that in the mist of his book Aidan was going over what had just happened saying “Bye bye Nellie” and then “Bye bye Mommy” and then burst into tears. He seemed happy to see me and actually went nicely to bed and slept a full night again.

I love to entertain, but wow I get tired at the end.

I will post a video of Aidan and the birds tomorrow.

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