Aidan and Hendrik

Hendrik came over for dinner yesterday and for a bit of a visit with Aidan since he is in Ottawa on the weekend.  Aidan was really well behave and gave Hendrik a lot of affection demanding to be up on his lap or in his arms.  Everything went really well till Aidan choked on his chicken at the dinner table and proceeded to puke .  I must say though that Aidan was really refined in his puking and mostly got his plate a few bowls we put under him and a bit of the table.  He was fine afterwards but it isn’t the sort of thing that is really appetizing for dinner guests.  Hendrik was super nice about it too and helped us clean up the table.

Here are a couple of pictures before the supper puking incident.



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  1. Haley-O says:

    CUTE pictures!! 🙂 Sorry about the puke fest. That sucks, I know!

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