A number of Things

Ok I like lists, so what. I have not been blogging as much as I want to so I thought I would do a bit of a catch up post with 10 new things that Aidan says and does. (Yes I will add some pictures.)

1 . Aidan has some new favourite words that he uses all the time. In fact I cannot walk about town without him saying, or yelling these words. “Truck’n the Truck’n the Truck’n!” with appropriate pointing of hand and fingers. “Its the Bus and the Bus the bus the bus!” He also sees “Trains!” everywhere, on books and lots of toys.

2. We went swimming at the Kerrisdale pool on Thursday. I know that Aidan loves the water and he loves his bath but I wasn’t quite sure how he would be in the pool. Luckily the pool was really warm and although he wouldn’t let go of me he was very happy to be in the water. We are starting swimming lessons in two weeks and I hope he will be much more comfortable in the water by this summer.

3. When we were walking back to the car after the swim we went past the Kerrisdale Seniors Centre that had a Canadian Flag flying out front. Aidan pointed to it and started saying “the flag the flag! ” He has a few small paper Canadian flags from the Canada day celebrations last year that he loves and likes to wave. So it isn’t too surprising that the Robeez slippers I got him today with the maple leafs on them incited “Cana!” or Canada in non toddler speak. I will link to the video Anthony took.


4. On Saturday I let Aidan Finger paint for the first time. He was so cute and I will let you know that the Crayola washable finger paints are not easily washable from skin. The red really stained his face.



Red lips

5. I know that Aidan is really into his toddlerness because he has master both the boneless toddler and the planking toddler poses that make it almost impossible to make your toddler do anything. You would think that he didn’t like going out in his stroller. Which is strange because we usually go somewhere that he likes. On the other hand if we go in the car he is absolutely ready to go.

That’s all for me tonight. Hopefully the boy will nap tomorrow so I can show you all the stuff I am doing for his “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” themed party. I am thinking that having a child may turn me into a mommy who needs more than a glue gun.

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