Aidan’s First Sentence

Just a moment ago Aidan had his first really intelligible sentence.  “I wan ball.”  Then he took the ball back from T.  Is it weird that I am so proud?

Anthony our work has paid off, he actually used the “ll” at the end of the word ball.  How cool is that?!

2 comments to Aidan’s First Sentence

  • Grandma Kathy

    Great work Aidan. As he approaches 2 he so quickly changes from the “baby Aidan” to the “little boy Aidan”. Good work Mom and Dad. Now he probably will talk your ears off.

    Hugs & kisses

    Love Proud Grandma

  • Nana Lorraine

    Yeah Aidan!!! Soon you will be chatting to Nana on the phone and I will be able to understand all of it. Good work all of you. ( I always knew that he was a genius) Love you. Nana