Spreading the Love

PajamaMama has christened the next few days:
The Bloggin’ Good Blogger Days.

Your mission, shall you choose to accept it (and you will), is to go to as many blogs as you can and point out at least one good thing about the author of that blog. Do your best to give them a warm fuzzy feeling. Show your appreciation, admiration or plain old joy.
Tell them why something they did touched you, why a choice they made shows the true fabric of their moral being. Just go BE NICE to every blogger who’?s blog you read today. And don’?t be shy, either!!
Plus, post an entry similar to this one on YOUR blog and ask people to leave warm fuzzies in your comments. Spread the love, people!

Maybe if we take a week to engage in warm fuzzies, they will become a more permanent part of our daily lives, both on and off the computer.
In review:
1. Leave me a warm fuzzy in my comments.
2. Post a similar entry (or copy and paste this one, giving credit) on your own blog.
3. Leave a warm fuzzy on every blog you visit today.
4. Sit back, read your own warm fuzzies and feel, well, warm and fuzzy!

All credit to her, esp for the body of this post. I love the idea, and liked how she phrased it, so I pretty much copied the instructions.

While you are at it visit a few of my favourite blogs from the blogroll. You will not regret it! Pass the good Karma along.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to participate! You wouldn’t believe how many cool new blog finds I now have! Between people who take the time to post on my site (which is MUCH appreciated) to the blogs on their blogroll, I’m in love!!! Thanks for participating!

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