Tea time. #mostly365 #tea #kids http://t.co/x2BG7c…

Tea time. #mostly365 #tea #kids instagram.com/p/abmz9bA-R7/

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  1. Penny Brodie says:

    Hi Gwen,

    Can we have tea sometime? I know it’s been about 25 years, but I saw your post from 2009 on meeting up with Katie Inglis from Fall Youth Sing while researching FYS for my niece (now 10 and singing). It may have to be virtual tea, because I live on the opposite corner of the continent now (Florida). But I am so happy to see that you have continued your awesomeness, and I too remember so many good times at NSCF camps. I was just telling my sister today that it is where I met “people like me”, and indeed, many people I wanted to be more like.

    Ok, scrap tea. Can we just have a sleepover, for old times’ sake?


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