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I don’t remember when you started  The Aidan Company. I don’t remember a time when you didn’t have The Aidan Company for all the millions of ideas that go through your head. It encompasses everything from policing, toys, medical equipment, city planning, the country you are going to run and hundreds of other things that pop into your head at any given time.

I sometimes wonder at all that is going on in there. How do you keep up with all the mundane tasks like getting dressed or brushing your teeth and eating and the like. In fact it explains a lot about how you operate through the day and why it sometimes takes me so long to get your attention. It sometimes drives me crazy and I worry about how other people see my boy with all the ideas.

I am trying very hard to take the time to listen to all you ideas and I know that there are so many. I want you to start writing them down because maybe one day these ideas will save the world or make you someone who works on something that makes him really happy.

The other day when you were telling me about the Aidan Company police vehicles and the gadgets they would have to catch criminals made me worry about how black and white you see the world. I know that this is developmentally appropriate but sometimes I forget and I treat you like you have an adult sensibility and this isn’t fair. You are supposed to think like a little boy too. You are such a sensitive soul that when you talk about the bad guys and the over reaching powers your police will have I sometimes forget that most kids still see things as good and bad and that bad needs to be punished. You are a boy who needs superheros that don’t have consequences. You need to see the criminals punished.

I am sorry that I made you feel bad about what you planned for the Aidan Company. I felt bad that I made you cry  and I do not want you to give up on your ideas. You will figure out soon enough that there are powers your Aidan Company will never have. You need your imagination and maybe this imagination will lead to something beautiful. I feel bad that I can’t see in my head the inventions you talk about. I need to get you some drawing lessons so that you find a way to communicate your ideas more effectively. I want you to show the world how much you have to offer. I want to find a way to make all you dreams come true.

I worry that I am holding you back somehow. That I am not a good enough mother to find a way to help you make your dreams come true. That I find only ways to squash your dreams with my negativity. I do not want to be that mother. I want to be able to help you find ways to make things happen.  I want you to know that dreams are attainable. I want you to know that I wish you could make a machine that takes away pain. I want to find a way to help you make that dream a reality. I want to be the mother that doesn’t get frustrated when you talk about transit and the improvements you would make to the system.

Maybe that is the take away from this writing. I need to take a deep breath and take the time to listen and help you write down your ideas. Instead of making us both frustrated, take a deep breath and just start. The Aidan Company Blog, here we come.


I am once again joining Heather of the EO and taking the time to Just Write. If you would like to join in head on over and link up.

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3 Responses to Just Write (3) The Aidan Company

  1. Traci Penner says:

    I have to admit that this post had me in tears! It must be a mom thing, what you wrote about Aidan reminds me so much of my Douglas when he was a little boy. Being a mom to a smart, sensative little thinker can be vey difficult at times but also very rewarding.

  2. harriet says:

    LOL. He’s such a little braniac (improvements to the transit system – Love it)! You do know at some point, he will be hugely successful ;-O
    harriet´s last blog post ..Gratitude

  3. Dorothy says:

    This is my first time here in your site. Honestly I dont have any idea about The Aidan Company but this post is just so sweet. I love it much. Thank you for sharing.

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