Picture of Our Year

I am in the midst of trying to get our calendar put together so I am looking for pictures of our year. Through its ups and downs here are some of the highlights.

One Sunday morning.

Super Swimmer Quinlan

Quinlan’s new tutu.

Biking along English Bay

Aidan’s first time in a canoe, he is hooked.

My big boy.

Quinlan at the Quay


Quinlan really makes an effort to win the tug of war.

I love the look on Aidan’s face.

This happens a lot.

Aidan and Laura at his last showcase with her.

Anthony keeps trying to get a good picture of me.

I still have a hard time looking at  this and the other pictures from Aidan’s birthday last year. I still feel sick when I think about how sick he got and how long it took to get him diagnosed. He was so happy and it was the best day until it was the worst. I am immediately transported back to what was the scariest time for me as  parent. I can’t see the fun we all had up on a bright sunny mountain, I just see the pain and the days following. I have no idea how I kept it together then because looking at these pictures there are tears streaming down my face.

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