This year we were fortunate enough to get Aidan into the French immersion school closer to our house, but still cross boundary for us. Since heading to L’ecole Billingue things have changed significantly in a lot of ways. There is a very different feel at this school and we are feeling much more like a part of the school community.

This year we were part of the school even before we crossed the threshold. We headed up to the Evan’s lake camp and had a great time meeting families and getting ready for school. I went to my first PAC meeting and volunteered to lead the grade 2 portion of the Halloween Haunt. I am in Aidan’s school at least once a week. While I did some volunteering in both of Aidan’s previous classrooms, this is more frequent and I am sure that I am helping. In all the events we go to we feel more like a part of this school even though we are new.

Things seem to be going much better for Aidan as well. His new teacher really has a good idea of Aidan’s strengths and weaknesses and is really encouraging him. She really seems to be open to giving him work to encourage his love of math and science. He is doing well socially as well.

There are some small things that bother me about the school, like the lack of a music program, but since we supplement that anyway I am not too worried about Aidan’s education outcomes. There is a lot of chance to supplement that with extracurriculars like choir. I just wish the ukulele program wasn’t also on Wednesdays.

I have a lot of hope for the next few years.

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