Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-23

  • The moment you realize that the key you left with the security guard has your garage door opener on it. Sigh,Supper then trip back to Honda. #
  • Lap warmer. #
  • I hate getting the back to school sickness. #
  • Look down and sometimes you see something wonderful. #yvr #iphoneonly #instacute #down #
  • Tried to drop off Aidan just before the far corner of his school. Went well until he tripped and got a bloody nose. 🙁 #
  • He is now cleaned off and we tried again. It went better but now I feel guilty. We'll try again tomorrow. #
  • Sushi lunch and pizza lunch start next week. Aidan will be so happy and so will @anthonyfloyd. #
  • Cleaning up the main part of the house took a lot less time than I thought it would. Now to get the boys room done before Monday. #
  • The View from here. #choklitpark #yvr #igersvancouver @ Choklit Park #
  • not impressed with @impark today. An $80 ticket when I did in fact pay? Now I have to waste my time fixing this. #
  • Quinlan 5 minutes before ballet class. I hops he isn't too cranky. #
  • Na na na salmon. Apparently I am the bear and he is the salmon. #yum #
  • After hearing the news about the child obesity rates, Aidan is worried he is overweight. Sigh. I hope I convinced him otherwise. #
  • This fog is doing nothing to wake me up. 🙁 #
  • Despite my cold and the cloudiness and the chain falling off I did ride my bike today. Making it a habit. #
  • Swing, swing #yvr #instacute #iphoneonly #schooldays #
  • New Lego glasses. #
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