Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-02

  • I love that she sneaks onto my lap. #
  • Flower got you mommy. @ Inter River Park #
  • It is before 10 and all parents are in bed. It seemed like such a long day. #
  • Looks like night, but it is the sun burning through the clouds. #nofilter #yvr #iph @ Inter River Bike Park #
  • Waiting for the doctor. Playing with math. #backtoschoolcheckup #yvr #
  • A week of commuting to North Van has re-confirmed how much I hate commuting. #truth #
  • Bought Q a 10$ bike and he can already ride it. He still needs to learn to stop though. #
  • Quinlan just threw away his last soother. I am so proud, but a little worried about sleep for tonight. #
  • The first night sans soother went pretty well. It would've been better if the older brother wasn't having anxiety over camp this weekend. #
  • One last day of commuting to North Van for bike camp. I am so glad I don't do it every day. #
  • While it is a pain in the ass (head) for me to be out with a migraine that won't quit, at least he can see the boys on their bikes. #linings #
  • Aidan designed an iPod case. #
  • Migraine reasserting itself. Petting my cat and going to bed soon. Big weekend ahead. #
  • My Aidan is such a sensitive guy. Methinks he is worried about sleeping in a cabin without us tomorrow night. #
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