Busy, Busy and Getting Busier

Computer at Starbucks

I think I found my words again and it may have been as simple as making an effort to bring my laptop with me while I drop off Aidan and Quinlan to daycamp. This week I have written four posts for other places, one last week and I have a one to finish tonight. Some have already been published and some scheduled for next week. I am determined to start making a living off my writing so that means I need to keep up this pace and write even more.

I figure that while I may not be ready to go back to working in a classroom, I am qualified to write about education from both sides now. I understand how hard it is to be a teacher and try to do your best for the children and accommodate the parents. I understand how as a parent you also want the same things but you may have a different way of going about accomplishing that goal. I plan to use my teaching experience and expertise and my parenting experience to help teachers and parents communicate more effectively. Sounds like a good idea, yes?

While I was writing this week, the previous two I worked on being present with my mother and my kids. Of course in between it was important to take advantage of having a built in babysitter so I could get some errands done by myself. It was much easier to pick up and drop off the Honda Pilot I borrowed by myself than dragging the boys on the Canadaline along with their seats. We also took a fabulous trip up to Merritt, Logan Lake and Ashcroft to do some geocaching in Gold Country. I will write more about our adventures in the Pilot next week. I have some great pictures and there is what I think is the best picture Anthony has ever taken.

The first week of school I will be beginning my commitment to taking the car less and biking more. I will be biking to school with Aidan and Quinlan Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I still need to get another rain coat for me, but I am hopeful that this will be an achievable goal. The days we don’t bike we will walk in the mornings and on Thursdays I will pick Aidan up with the car because we need to get to Kerrisdale for 3:30 pm.

Except for swimming I think we have all the activities planned from September to December. Aidan will have school Monday to Friday, Beavers Monday evenings, swimming (hopefully) Tuesday late afternoon, Carousel Theatre Wednesday afternoons, piano Thursday and nothing on Fridays after school. Quinlan has preschool Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, swimming Tuesday late afternoons (hopefully,)  ballet Thursday afternoons while Aidan has piano and Carousel Theatre Sunday mornings. If we do not get the swimming on Tuesdays I am not sure what will happen. We don’t have the time for twice a week swimming with all the other activities. I think we need to have something active and they both love the water. So, fingers crossed for getting into the once a week swimming.

That is it, just over a week till Aidan starts school again, and two weeks till Quinlan is back at preschool. One more day of camp for Quinlan and another week of bike camp for Aidan. I think we are all looking forward to getting back to school, but we will miss the summer as well.

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