Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • The only part of school Aidan struggles with involves coloring & not talking on his way to doing things. Working on these leads to tears. #
  • NaBloPoMo 4: In which I talk a bit about body image. (I am just rolling out the feel good posts.) #
  • And it is almost 11. I guess I should get some sleep before the boys decide to wake. #
  • Huge rainbow. Look outside now! #
  • Intense rainbow with a full visible arc. Beautiful! #
  • We are here. #
  • Been waiting a half hour at the drugstore. I may need to get tea for the walk home. #
  • Finally on my way after long wait at the drugstore. #
  • I swear I didn't mean to make NaBlaPoMo a real downer. All my posts right now are pretty introspective. #
  • One part of a productive kitchen morning. Apple crisp for the boys. #
  • Another part of my kitchen morning. Banana bread. Yum! #
  • Next on the agenda, lasagna. #
  • Three lasagnas ready to go into the oven and then two to the freezer. Yay for making easy meals. #
  • Can you smell the yummy lasagna? #
  • All in all a productive day. 1 clean kitchen, 1 banana bread, 1 apple crisp and 3 lasagnas. Anthony got the living room habitable. #
  • Off for a bit of a walk in the rain. The boys need to run off some steam #
  • The problem with the 4 km out, is the 4 km back! 🙂 #
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