Getting Ready For Christmas

I know, I have just been posting about Halloween and already I am starting in on Christmas.  I am determined to get a head start this year on Christmas and that will begin with two things: getting my holiday cards made and sent out and getting the calendars made for the family.

I always think around the middle of December that I really should have made some personalized Christmas cards especially when I get a few in the mail.  This year I will be on the ball with some from Shutterfly. They have a ton of different cards and I am having a hard time choosing just one.

I have narrowed it down to 2 designs.

This one has the colours I like and it is a folded car so there is room for a personal note. I also like the collage feel of the photographs.

This one I like also because it is a folded card, but I think I may like the design better.  I am not sure which photgraphs I will choose and I am sure that will be the deciding factor between the two.

Which one do you think we should choose? Which one do you want to come to your house this year?


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