Bridges: A Thing of Beauty


Bridge: The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines a bridge as:

1 a : a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle b : a time, place, or means of connection or transition

I am fascinated with bridges even if I am not sure I like to be on them.† I think they are beautiful. I see strength and grace in the lines and intersections of the supports.

I had this whole post worked out in my head and it has all gone to pieces.† I had links between real world bridges and their strength and beauty with the way we humans can support each other.† The bridge between people though sometimes tenuous can be just as strong and beautiful as the bridges I like to photograph.† I think that right now we need those bridges.

Until I can figure out how to say what I need to I will leave you with a few photographs that I am particularly proud of.†† They are all of one of the bridges in Fremont, Washington home of Groundspeak.





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