Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

  • Loved being at my godson's 3rd birthday party. Lots of adults, kids, food, ZOMBIE cake. Good times. 😀 #
  • Wow, hail right out of nowhere. Merely raining now. Blue sky off in the distance. Wait 5 minutes and it changes. #NSWeather #
  • So far behind on twitter. Here in NS not as much time to look at the computer. Plus all worried about what the kids are about to wreck. Sigh #
  • I took a bit of a photowalk of downtown Halifax. I got some cool grave and Robbie Burns pics. Will post later. #
  • Any Halifax tweeps interested in meeting up at the Lower Deck next Thursday? Us out-of-towners need to reminisce. And drink beer. #
  • Apparently I hadn't run tweetdeck on Spike yet. I guess I am not using Spike to his full advantage yet. #notasdirtyasitsounds #
  • I went shopping today in a store called Pretty Things. Fan-freaking-tastic. I <3 the different body types represented. #
  • As odd as it may seem, I need to get to bed before my boy wakes up. I am not sure the time change is easier or harder with kids. #tired #
  • On the ferry from Dartmouth. #
  • On the ferry from Dartmouth. #
  • A foggy cold June day. Love from Halifax #
  • Previous TwitPics were several hours old. I've got a #GhettoPhoneFail too. #
  • RT @sweetsalty: And another one for legofreaks everywhere: [also game freaks. pretty cool.] #
  • Love seeing Aidan and Quinlan and all their cousins playing. What a relaxing happy time with family. #familyrocks #
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