Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-25

  • Over tired 5 year old and an over reactive gag reflex is not a good mix. Just sayin'. #
  • RT @vancouver_mom: Vancouver’s 30 Ultimate Mom Blogs: My Real Review, Cleavage, Finding My Weigh, Wave The Stick #
  • RT @theTsunamiMommy: Hey Mompreneurs! I'm having a Mother's Day contest JUST for you! #
  • Two posts written, 1 up the other scheduled. Monitor attached to the laptop so I could actually see the picutres. Now to bed. #
  • heading out to scienceworld. Hopefully it will calm the kidlets down. #
  • For those who didn't see it this morning I blogged about the #VMNO on Saturday. + I have pics of pretty shoes. #
  • Love this: Buffy season 1 in 5 minutes: Must watch Buffy now. or maybe Glee. Hmm teen dramas, maybe the OC next? 😛 #
  • I think I want to have a Buffy party. Maybe we could all dress like our favourite demon. 🙂 I like my tv retro. #
  • .@AnthonyFloyd @Seanfunk I'm not sure who I prefer for blowing stuff up,maybe some Bond action. #
  • Baby fingertips bleed. A Lot. Putting a bandaid on a toddlers fingertip is a pain in the butt. Getting the blood off everything also a pain. #
  • When I read my husbands bike tweets I am more and more convinced we need insurance on him. Scares me to death sometimes. #
  • We are just back from the Aquarium and a horse drawn tour of Stanley Park. Now we need some down time before dinner. #
  • RT @theTsunamiMommy: Hey Vancouver Moms! For the month of May @vidaspas will pay for your babysitter! RT to win!! #
  • It was great! RT @AnthonyFloyd: Kicked @LeftCoastMama out of the house a few hours ago. I can only assume she'll come back eventually. #
  • I love that my husband knows when I need a break. Threw me out of the house and I took full advantage. Book and a pot of tea, no computer.:) #
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