Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

  • finally found a cache that has been haunting us. Last 1 for today. #
  • headed to Superstore for a few items, eggs, clear boxes w/lids, 1/2 price easter chocolate, you know . . . the ususal. #
  • I am done for, I want to run away for a bit. The place is a disaster, no supper made, boys out of control. *big sigh* #
  • Found! RT @AnthonyFloyd: 13-yr-old girl, 5-yr-old brother, missing from parking lot of Granview Canadian Tire in Van. #
  • Turkey in the oven, now running to get the toddler immunized. Then back home to clean. Doesn't my day sound fabulous? #
  • My day is getting better. Boy #2 napping, boy #1 helped me tidy the livingroom, turkey is smelling good & Anthony should be home soon. #
  • Time now to build tracks with Aidan. Bridges and complicated tracks coming up. 😀 #
  • What the hell was CBC mngmt thinking? Barbara Budd is the main reason I listen to As it Happens! #
  • Thanks for the birthday wishes. @Miss_Scarlett99 @auroranine @CrunchyCarpets @5and1 @Nicole013 @alexishinde @hipmamasales #
  • RT @gpsforthebrain In other news, I'm supporting World Health Day Challenge: #donateaday #cpar #
  • Just back from my eventful day. I got to tour my Safeway for my birthday. 🙂 The kids enjoyed it, but I am not sure how much they learned. #
  • Getting ready for our geocaching 101 for King David's High School teachers. I am a little nervous, but I think this may be a good start. #
  • Still lots of space at the Police Museum Geocaching 101 event coming up on April 18th: Won't you join us? #
  • Here's hoping @bobsongs will enjoy his stint as a preschool presenter this pm. At least he won't be too warm in his torch-bearer mitts. #
  • The kids loved meeting @bobsongs in his torch bearer kit. They looked great holding the Olympic torch as well. Almost none fell over. 🙂 #
  • RT @tjrossignol: Vancouver twitter moms – don't miss #vmno #
  • RT @alexishinde: Looking for a wine sponsor for a gathering of mom bloggers & entrepreneurs on Apr 17th. Can anyone help? Thanks! #
  • fun day caching with @seanfunk and family. What a great bunch of kids. #
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