Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

  • I entered to win a trip to watch Olympic figure skating from @TourismBC. You can enter, too, today only: #2010skate #
  • Never bring a whip to an audition. Just saying. #IDOL (though it worked in this case.) #
  • These are another trend that should have died! RT @tjrossignol: Fashion Flashback – OMG Harem pants!!! #
  • RT @devriespr: Win a Ticket to Blissdom! "follow @devriespr to win a ticket to #Blissdom". – Winner chosen @ random Mon Feb 1, 12pm #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: Who's launching missiles at Newfoundland? [I'd guess PETA, gotta do something about those seals :)] #
  • It's nice to have the boys room usable for playing. Now to change Aidan's sheets. I also found lots of geocaching traders. #cleaningftw #
  • at the movies by myself. Iam not really sad about that. #
  • I did it. I just registered for Blogher10. I'm actually nervous w/excitement. Now to get more blogging jobs to pay for the rest of the trip. #
  • Just watched the new star trek. I have to admit I loved it. Can't wait for the next one. 😀 #
  • – At the packed @bobsandlolo concert @artstarts #
  • – Muscles! #
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