Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • RT @MallyBibsNicole: we are looking for new product testers! Details here: (sounds like a fab gig) #
  • RT @ActuallyNPH: Spread the word, peeps. HIMYM episode #100 airs tonight! Let's get 30 katrillion majillion people to watch. Ok, maybe 29.. #
  • I love the writing & drawing spurt Aidan's having now. He's drawing up a storm & things are starting to look like more than scribbles. #
  • Quinlan is over the 2 hour mark for am nap. I am so not waking him up even if it means we are very late for preschool. #
  • RT @BOBOBABYandKIDS: Just uploaded a printable coupon at our fb group – BOBOBABY & BOBOKIDS! (good snacks) #
  • Dear mommy wee shoud hav chickin noodl soup (as tweeted by Aidan) #
  • Is my tweetdeck working again? #
  • in a case of extreme irony, the night I could have slept for a few hours before Q woke, I couldn't sleep. I think my body forgets how, #
  • RT @herbadmother: Who are the Canadian parent bloggers that you love? Tell us here! @thebadmomsclub #
  • Today leaving the playground after preschool Aidan was crying "I miss Veronica so much." At home he lay down on the floor still upset. #
  • I put him to bed for an hour of quiet and considered playing some good emo music. [I am too young to deal with the 4 year old's broken <3] #
  • The weird thing is, she likes him too, and this wasn't because she wouldn't play with him. All my fault for taking him home. #
  • I thought if I didn't share the 5.5 hrs in a row the night before, that last night might follow suit. I was horribly wrong. #sleeplessinvan #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: BC gov't phases in full-day k next 2 yrs. None of A's *4* possible schools r on the list this year. ๐Ÿ™ (h/t @amberstrocel) #
  • We decided to go out despite the rain today and lo and behold the sun came out. ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • Almost had twitter tmi. Emotions are running high and hormones are not helping. #
  • – DUCK! #
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