Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

  • You may commence the mocking now. I am headed out for more lights for our Christmas tree. Though it will be beautiful. #
  • well, f*ck, I went out for more lights and *50* wasn't enough. Do I take another 20 minutes to go get some more? #
  • – Et voila! #
  • Tree is finally lit. It only took me a few (well 6ish) hours. But it is very pretty for an old tree. Tomorrow we decorate. #
  • Heading to bed after finishing the advent letter to Aidan. He loves getting a letter everyday. It is very cute. #
  • I have almost caught up on the December Daily album. Now I just need to catch up on SM, the blog and hmm, present wrapping? #toomuchtodo #
  • Going out for the preschool drop off and some extension cords. 🙂 Lots of fun. #
  • – Granville Island Santa has a pretty good voice. #
  • So glad to be home and have Aidan ask for rest time. Now little one is waking and I shall breastfeed him into submission. #
  • wow, 11 pm already. And I was just thinking that I might be able to blog tonight. Right, bed it is. #
  • Hope to see @raspberrykids tomorrow. Douglas Park is the party place with @bobsandlolo in the house! #
  • – You are a mean one Mr Grinch. #
  • – Yum! #
  • – The tweetup gang. #
  • Heading out to Stanley park for the Carol ride. Should be fun! #
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