Not Ready for a Mac . . . Yet

I was sitting here half watching the Dancing With the Stars finale and wondering what the hell I should write about on this the 24th day of NaBloPoMo, when a little yellow shield popped up  in the bottom corner of my computer.  Yes it is time for another windows update.  It will probably include an update for IE which I never ever use. It is almost enough to make me get a Mac.

Of course I say I might go for a Mac, but there is no way that I could justify it at all.  I have a good netbook and a laptop.  Besides, how on earth would I figure out the mouse?  I am 2 button and scroll wheel kinda girl.  I can’t even get the weird signals on the touchpad to work properly.  I also can’t get over the cost, especially since I am planning on going to blogher this year.

So what do you say? Is there anything to this Mac envy? Is it really a better system, or does it just pretend to be one?  What are the pitfalls of owning a Mac?

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