Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • bleagh, A cold on a November sunny day is the pits. #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: Greater Vancouver Twitter Parents Meetup I: Vancouver Aquarium, Saturday 10am. #GVTPM1 #
  • Just got dressed for the first time in days. All to move the car for street sweeping. Luckily we weren't towed & the St. cleaner finished #
  • Oh and the fever I thought was gone? Back. #
  • Wow, the smell of the pot-roast in the slow-cooker is making me so hungry. I guess that means I am on the mend. 🙂 #
  • RT @AnthonyFloyd: Vancouver (and area) parents! Want to join some other Tweeps at the aquarium this weekend? #GVTPM #
  • RT @urbanreserve: Amazing UR member swag for all wine lovers who attend tom YVR, won't you join us? #theharvest #
  • Just finished another post. I think I like this getting back into writing everyday. Now if I could be healthy as well it would be fabulous. #
  • Kitchen is clean(ish) for the first time in a week. SIckness really takes the energy needed to clean away. 🙂 #
  • who ever designed the vanoc ticketing site must have been high to think it would be a good system. It kicked me out while buying tickets. #
  • VANOC epic fail for tix. Glad i gave up an went out for a while. #
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