Awe and Tears

Both my boys love music and it plays a big role in their everyday lives.  I guess that this isn’t a real surprise because music has always been a huge part of my life and Anthony’s.  Not only was I a choir geek from early on, but both Anthony and I were band geeks.  I still play the flute and sing all the time.  I actually went to university for music for my first degree.

While I am not surprised at how much Quinlan and Aidan love music, I am surprised at how well they both dance.  Neither Anthony or I have any particular dance style or dance rhythm for that matter.  That is not to say that both of us don’t love to dance, we are just not very good at it.

Aidan likes to watch all the dancing shows with us and he makes me rewind different routines and tries to get down with the hip-hop, or move to some of the contemporary routines.  Quinlan just has an innate sense of rhythm and when he hears a beat he likes he just moves.  I can’t wait to see what he can do when he decides he can walk.  Today he didn’t realize I wasn’t holding him up and he  jumped up.  I am constantly in awe.

I guess that is the way I should be.  It is awesome to see your children take such pleasure in something as beautiful as music and dance.  It is awesome to see you almost 1 year old move so instinctively. It is amazing to me that my baby is almost 1. He is moving away from his infancy to becoming a toddler.

I wasn’t sure where this post was going, but I am getting a little teary just thinking that my baby is not much of a baby anymore.  He has teeth, he is taller that his brother was at that age.  He is a little terror on the toys, and god help you if you have something he wants to eat, you might lose a finger.  He also has the cutest little evil laugh or bleat of anticipation.  It is the best sound I have ever heard.

I guess that is just the way it should be, awe and a little bit of tears.

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3 Responses to Awe and Tears

  1. Grandma Kathy says:

    You just stated all the joys of being a mom and especially a SAM. Keep enjoying those boys, it certainly shows in them. Love ya all

  2. Grandma Kathy says:

    Should read “SAHM”

  3. Fran says:

    Its so hard to see them grow away from the baby stage and into being toddlers. Seems that’s when they lose a lot of their desire to cuddle and want to be discovery more. Enjoy it while you can. Time passes quickly

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