Twitter Updates for 2009-08-12

  • I am so glad to be home. I wish the things I wanted were easier to find. Of course when I’m not looking they will be everywhere. #
  • everyone say hello to my BFF @gpsforthebrain. I am so happy she is now on twitter. #
  • Have a child entering K? For the love of god please get them good pencils. Ones that can be sharpened. Take pity on your child & teacher. #
  • Pencils that are cute or have names on them usually suck and just frustrate children. #
  • A good eraser will go a long way in making things easier for your child. Sometimes it is worth it to spend a little more. #schoolsupplies #
  • Just in case anyone is interested, the school supply tweets are because of all the back to school stuff in the ether. #
  • As a teacher I saw all the bad school supplies and how disastrous they were for little kids, not to mention frustrating for the teachers. #
  • I might write my own post on school supplies and what are some good things to bring for your child’s teacher to help out for the year. #
  • RT @BCCHF: We’re 2 votes from being the #yvrtwestival’s #1 cause! Thank you SO much for your votes and support today. #
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