Twitter Updates for 2009-07-31

  • This heat is not really conducive to sleeping. Am so tired. #tooefinghot #
  • Already the baby is puking from the heat. Wading pool now set up in the shade. #
  • My poor laptop is burning up. I think I may want to power down and use the netbook tonight. #
  • We spent the time after swimming at metrotown. I wasn’t sure it was worth it till both boys fell asleep in the car home. Now boiling again. #
  • PLus we have a picnic to eat downstairs by the wading pool in the shade. I may sleep in the wading pool as well. #
  • I may also send Anthony out to try to find another fan. The two we have aren’t cutting it. #
  • I am boiling so I am going downstairs and I will try to sleep a little before the baby wakes. New pillow here i come. #
  • Also turning off the computer lest another one overheat in this house. #
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