Twitter Updates for 2009-07-25

  • So, knowing that Blogher10 will be in NYC, do I make the commitment to go and try to find a way to pay for it? #
  • Got the car packed and ready for Wish I Was at BlogHer BBQ & Pity Party today. Everyone Welcome! #
  • heading out to get a few groceries and then set up at Spanish Banks. Part starting soon. #
  • – Waiting for the pity bbq to start. #
  • Great Beach party with @AmberStrocel @tjrossignol @CrunchyCarpets @AnthonyFloyd @SusanMain + kids and husbands. Blogher10 here we come! #
  • A long and exhausting day. I am glad I got to play with some of the coolest moms around. Their kids are awesome too. #
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