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As I posted earlier this week, I was invited to a wine tasting event by Urban Reserve a few weeks ago.  I was finally able to go and start my wine last Saturday and it could not have been easier.

While Westside Wine Masters didn’t have a website I could find at the time, I decided that since it was the closest of the six on premises wine making stores, this is where we would go.  So off we went on Saturday morning to see about making some wine, and by we I mean Anthony, me and the two boys.

I was able to present my RJ Spagnols gift certificate for a completely free wine making experience including the kit, the brewing fee and the bottles, corks and labels.  I chose a wine kit, an Italian Pinot Grigio, and within fifteen minutes my thirty bottles of wine were started.  All it took was the right equipment to drain the juice into the bucket, adding the water, a chemical to keep the wine clear and some stirring.  Aidan was able to put the yeast into the bucket and our wine was started.

While we were in the store we got to see where the wine was matured both in the buckets and then into the carboys.  The wine makers will transfer the wine from the bucket to the carboy and add the extra ingredients when needed and give us a call when the wine is ready to bottle.  In about 8 weeks we will head in as a family to bottle the wine, cork it and put on the labels.

If this white wine goes well, I plan to make a nice red in the fall.  While I was looking at the RJ Spagnols website I was intrigued by the award winning White Chocolate White Port.  Doesn’t that sound divine?  Almost as divine as the Orange Chocolate Port.  I can’t decide which I like the sound of more.  Help a girl out here, what would you choose?

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  1. Grandma Kathy says:

    The Orange Chocolate Port gets my vote. It would make a nice Christmas present for some special friends. (or your MIL).

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