Twitter Updates for 2009-06-26

  • Aidan decided that he was going to put on his elephant costume. He is now an elephant in the living room playing with his tag reader. #
  • Just made a magic wand to go with Aidan’s wizard cape and hat. Who knew it was dress-up day in the Floyd household. #
  • – Aidan in his wizard costume. #
  • Quinlan is fascinated with the fireplace and cat dishes. I have now instituted the upside down chair as a deterrent. God help me. #
  • Quinlan now has the wizard cape on. It is quite the day. #
  • Am I the only one that doesn’t really care that MJ is dead? #
  • 2 all the others who don’t care abt a certain washed up pop star’s death, thank U 4 letting me know I’m not the only 1. #moreimportantthings #
  • It is a little scary to be famous right now, though it’s just as scary to be human I think. The Famous just get more press. ;D #
  • On a totally different note, while watching SYTYCD, Aidan starts dancing saying “I am dancing to the beat.” He is tangoing across the floor. #
  • RT @Sugarwilla: Funny to me that people are “taking stock” & being grateful for what they have when a celeb dies. WTFis wrong with you ppl? #
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