Twitter Updates for 2009-06-10

  • Ok, if you were a teacher, what would you like for a gift (card.) Already have movies, books, office supplies, iTunes. Ideas? #
  • Quinlan just crawled a 2 of inches forward. He fell again right after, but still. Milestone. Nothing will be safe from the 7 month old. #
  • Need to find a gift for a teacher? Here are some great ideas on Being Savvy Vancouver: #
  • I have to go get the boy from preschool. Q is still asleep. I can’t put it off too much longer. Will have to wake him up. #BadMother #
  • Aidan keeps getting on the floor and trying to cuddle with Quinlan. They both have fun, but neither look comfortable. 🙂 #
  • OH: I am not selling Mommy milk. I am selling beer. I opened up the store today. (He is going to a success whatever he does.) #
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