Twitter Updates for 2009-05-30

  • #mctweet momcafe introduces @yoymama_van and @raspberrykids #
  • sitting with @alexishinde & @crunchycarpets at Moms all a Twitter #mctweet #
  • frequency for blog post, 7-10 days? seems low #mctweet #
  • google alerts, are a way of find what people are saying, conversation 2 way #mctweet #
  • FB lot more leeway for @raspberrykids more than 140 characters #
  • FB advertising can set up demographics, easy to cap spending limits #mctweet #
  • twitter is a more positive place online as well, #mctweet , not as bitter #
  • tweetdeck, hootesuite, twitterberry great twitter tools, good iphone app? #mctweet #
  • Do not have your only tweet be updated my blog. #mctweet #
  • Good for social media to get off the comp and get out. #mctweet #
  • – Why I love Vancouver. Beach at our fingertips. #
  • Re Canada spending $1.4 million for every GM job saved – seems like cape Breton Coal mines all over again. Pay workers off = cheaper. #
  • Looking for a family film that doesn’t have a parent die and doesn’t induce vomiting on behalf of the parent. Suggestions? #
  • thanks everyone. I think we have a few Friday movie nights planned now. I may need to write a post now. #
  • RT @10thToTheFraser: Charlotte Diamond performs a free concert at 1pm in Moody Park this Saturday! #NewWest [good to know!] #
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