Twitter Updates for 2009-03-29

  • Grabbing a bus to preschool curiosity club. Lots of fun! #
  • back from preschool curiosity club. Boy do I need a nap. Put the boy in front of Wall-E it is. #
  • I think I may celebrate earth hour early. With a nap! When is the next city celebrating? #earthhour #
  • I wonder how @AnthonyFloyd is doing on the Geo-rally. I hope they do well. Even though it’s wet, I wish I was there. #geocaching #
  • Just heard from @AnthonyFloyd. It seems like they have a really good time with a few time bonuses. Need a babysitter for the next one. #
  • not so many lights out in vancouver. #earthhour #
  • we’re baking a cake in tghe dark #
  • and typing obviously #earthhour #
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