Twitter Updates for 2009-03-21

  • Just finished a nice long web cam with both grandmothers. I like that they are friends. Boys are feeling the weather & are cranky though. #
  • Schlepped myself, the baby and the preschooler to city hall for a new parking permit. City Hall not very stroller/wheelchair friendly. #
  • How on earth did the paraplegic mayor get around CH? Shouldn’t he have done something to make it better? #vancouvershouldbemoreaccessible #
  • I can’t believe it is only 3:30 pm. Hours before @AnthonyFloyd is home. *big sigh* #
  • Damn I hate when you have written a tweet and it doesn’t actually get typed in the box. Too tired I guess. #
  • Off to feed the baby and listen to the rest of Ender’s Game. Yay audio books. #
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