Too Long for Twitter

Most of the time I am now posting to Twitter so I have been writing lots of approximately 140 character snippets of our life.  Today I had a conversation with Aidan that wouldn’t fit into that constraint so you get the privilege of having me blog after the longest time. At least I hope it is a privilege.

Today Aidan was pretending to be Santa Claus after his swimming lesson this morning.  He was telling me all about how he delivers presents and what he delivers.  When we got out to the car he even asked me to park the sleigh in the trunk.   Of course I was fine with that, why not add more to our car with the two kids, two imaginary friends and now a sleigh?  So sleigh accounted for I asked Aidan a question trying to get him to help out a bit more in the car by putting his straps over his shoulder while I am getting the baby into the car.

Santa’s a capable guy right? He can put his straps on?

Aidan says

No, I don’t wear a cape, I wear a red suit.  I’m not a capable guy.  I’m a Santable guy. Ho, Ho, Ho!

There was absolutly nothing I could say to that.  At least he makes sure the computers he gives you match the cell phone you already have.

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2 Responses to Too Long for Twitter

  1. I haven’t gotten into Twitter, myself, just one more thing for me to have to check and I already don’t have time 😉

    That is the cutest story ever!!!

  2. Haley-O says:

    Awww!! So cute! You’re right, this is not a twitter post, no way – because it needs to be posted here so you have it FOR ALWAYS! 🙂

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