Overheard at Wendy’s Today

Today Anthony, Aidan and I headed to Coquitlam to go to a geocaching event. We left early enough so that we could pick up a couple of caches and have lunch before the event. When Aidan was asked a question by Anthony he replied “No I am just Aidan.” This lead to a discussion that went something like this:

Gwen: “Aidan are you a big boy?”

Aidan: “Yes, and Daddy is a big boy.”

Anthony: “Yes I am bud.”

Aidan: “Mommy is a big boy.”

Gwen: “No Aidan Mommy is a girl.”

Aidan: “No Mommy isn’t a girl.”

Anthony: “Mommy is a woman.”

Aidan: “No, Mommy is not a woman.”

Anthony and Gwen: “Yes Mommy is a woman.”

Aidan: “Mommy has a gina (as in vagina) and Aidan has a penis and Daddy has a penis.”

Anthony turns his reddening face and tries not to laugh.

Gwen (also reddening) “I knew that would come back to bite me.”

At least he was saying it too loudly.

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  • Grandpa John


    I love these blogs, they are just like our own personal “For Better or For Worse”.

    It makes being a country away less distant.

    Love to all, even to the “Big’ boy