Aidan has been trying almost everything he can to get more chocolate. This afternoon he was running around and managed to hit his head on the wall. He came to me crying and wanted to cuddle. Then with a tear stained face he smiles and points to the chocolate orange and says “That would make me better Mommy.”


Last night Aidan was having a very hard time getting to sleep. We tried everything. At 9:30 I told him in no uncertain terms that he needed to lie down and put his head on the pillow. He complied very quickly. He the pipes up from the pillow “Mommy my ear is asleep.”

I replied “At least something is.”


Also last night while trying to get Aidan calm enough to sleep, I was singing the “Close your eyes song.” (Which is actually “Adelwiess” sung with the words close your eyes. He loves this song and asks for it every night.) He then says to me “Mommy don’t spell the “Close your Eyes” song.


Anthony and I have been spelling things out before Aidan so he doesn’t know what we are taking about. The other day he asked for some warm M-I-L-K. I thought we had a little longer before he figured it out.


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